Fruit SA Market Access

By Dr Mono Mashaba, Market Development

Fruit SA undertook a number of global country visits in 2017 to pursue market access opportunities and its development agenda. The countries visited are India, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, China including Hong Kong, Korea and Japan.

These countries were selected due to the fact they are in the top 10 importing countries except for India. The All-Asia market value for temperate fruit imports is $14 billion (USD) and the top 10 markets comprise 91 % ($ 12.8 billion-USD) of the total import value. [*See table on the right]

South Africa fruit trade

There has also been a significant growth in the past 10 years in the region. During 2005 total imports to the region was 4 million tons and in 2016 the growth was more than 120% to a staggering 9.6 million tons.

The imports included intra-Asia trade and South African with its peers in the Southern Hemisphere which contributed about 20% of all imports at a tune of 1, 9 million tons. The gures below indicate that South Africa is only second in its peer group after Chile with 497 644 tons (26%) which constitutes about 18% of the country’s total fruit trade with the rest of the World.

Phytosatinary issues

South Africa only contributes about 26% as in the above pie-chart which illustrate the potential that the region is oering. The visit to the region was aimed at maintaing, optimising and broadening market access for fruits into this region which has become the global economic development hub of the world fueled by China.

In the meetings with government agencies, importers and potential importers, interest was expressed in regard to accessing South African fruit. Phytosatinary issues in Thailand, Philippines, China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam remains the biggest hindrance. In India, high tarrifs also makes accessing that market very dicult. Fruit SA’s focus during the visits was mainly to lobby regulatory authorities of these targeted countries for market access.

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